Why Does Your Business Need Video?

Today’s sophisticated buyers expect more information than they can get from words and pictures alone. You have the ability to provide this by harnessing the power of business video. We can bring a business or product to life. A marketing video can impart 10 pages of information in under three minutes in a watchable and interesting way. You will be remembered, you will stand out from your competition AND you will see a difference. Many of our client claim “sales seems easy now our customers understand our message”.

Video will increase sales and awareness. Your customers will know who you are and what you do.

Show My Company Video takes your message to the next level.

Once the video is made, you have a sophisticated marketing tool that can be sent to potential buyers and key contacts.

You have the freedom to make as many dvd’s as you wish. Additionally, you can upload your unique video to your company website and other media sharing sites such as websites you already advertise on, YouTube and Facebook, thus reaching the widest possible audience. In fact, we will even assist you with this process.

“Show My Company TV” works on a number of levels. It’s a sexy and cool medium. It shows your facilities off to their best possible advantage. Viewing can take place in the client’s home, office or indeed anywhere in the world and of course once the client has seen the video, they are more likely to take the next step and view the facilities or try YOUR product for real. What’s more, we write the script with your help so we can get any message across, easily! We also offer TV Hosts to really speak to your market.

Whether you are a small business, the inventor of a new product or a restaurant owner, we have the tools and experience to bring your property, business or company to life through business video. Please fill in the form so one of our friendly team can explain the benefits to you today. Don’t wait, your customers are ready to understand what you do.

Our Clients report ten fold increases in sales, more conversation about what they do, and of course a better presence on the web.