“How many plays on average do your videos receive each month?”

Each Show My Property video receives thousands of plays throughout it’s lifetime. With many of our videos receiving upwards of 20,000 plays in 9 months, it’s not hard to tell which service leases you up faster. Watch how Show My Property TV does Student Housing Video below. Fill out the form on the right for pricing, or email Quincy@ShowMyProperty.TV!

“Do I completely own my finished videos? May I post my videos anywhere I wish?”

No one knows your market like you! Show My Property TV places full ownership of each video into the hands of the Client. Though we do assist in the posting of each video; our clients post firstly to the property homepage, the corporate websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Clients often include links to their videos in print ads, and in their email signatures. Our Clients are so proud of their finished works that we make them DVD copies of their videos to hand out all over town and Campus!

Watch our brand of video marketing below; this video was created start to finish in just 3 business days. Rockoff Hall Apartments in New Jersey premiered the video at a University gathering in front of hundreds of students! We know where they’re moving next semester!

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