We at Show My Property TV create industry leading Apartment Video Tours. Our video tours really set your communities apart from the crowd. Our company may even include TV Hosts in your videos, whom act as on-camera leasing guides to your portfolio.

Many of our video tours receive 500 YouTube Views a month, or 6,000 views a year! Translating into incomparable exposure to your target markets.

Each of our video styles are completely customizable to what your company needs.

We SEO optimize each of your videos to your specifications.

We have a “Pay Once Own Forever”, price option. Want to pay monthly? You can do that too!

Use the power of our video tours to show the culture behind your property, the lifestyle, the feeling. Technology is changing the face of how we interact as people, consumers, and especially renters. In order to reach the renter of today in the best way possible, we must stimulate them where it counts, on their computers.

Please view these examples of our highly effective video marketing tools.

Luxurious Multi-Family Tour With TV Host
Our Multi-Family video tours with TV Hosts show every single amenity of your community. Our TV Hosts act as on-camera leasing agents, documenting everything about your community in a stimulating manner. Our client’s get to select each of their hosts from our national database. You decide who’s right to speak to your market!
That’s right large property managers, show off your investment to the world wide web with our TV Hosted video tours. We don’t charge by video duration. Whether you have one pool or ten, we show everything renters need to see to sign that lease!

Student Housing Video- Through Resident’s Eyes
This style of video features real residents of the community– not actors! It is completely unscripted and organic. The result is a strong testimonial piece that will entice renters to your community time after time. Renters trust resident reviews, show just what your community means to your residents through this powerful video style.

Student Housing Video Tour with TV Host
Show My Property TV Speaks student! Today’s young renter is becoming increasingly more video hungry. Let your property speak directly to the millions of college students who interact directly with the worlds largest marketing platform: YouTube.

Voice-over Only Video Tour
This style of video is an incredible marketing tool for every property. These tours are getting hundreds of views monthly. Don’t you want to join in on this incredible marketing action?

Company Profile Video

This is a video all about your company! What kind of acquisitions do you prefer? How many communities did you develop last year? Who are the faces behind the management?
Show all this and more with our Company Profile Videos!
We can include charts and graphs to show numbers to investors in an interesting and thought provoking manner.

Have a creative idea? We’ve got your back. Our company is always flexible.
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