1. 5 Reasons You Need an Apartment Video Tour

    Show My Property TV makes apartment video tours easier than ever with our video experts. If you're new to the world of online video, here are our top 5 reasons why you absolutely need an apartment video tour for your properties!: 1. According to Chitika statistics, 33% of organic Google Search traffic goes to the webpage in the #1 position! Those in the second position are lucky to receive 18%. Im…Read More

  2. Realtor Videos Help Sell Listings

    Show My Property TV creates realtor videos, with quality so high you’ll look like you’ve been on a TV Show. With a realtor video, you are not only showcasing a property, but you are branding yourself. You are standing out from the competition. We offer a comprehensive video with a custom script, a personal interview with you, and the special twist: a TV host to seriously showcase your listings…Read More

  3. Apartment Video Tours Increase Leads by 403%

    FOUR HUNDRED AND THREE PERCENT! That’s 403% more opportunity to lease those new apartments by simply making a one-time investment into an apartment video. This can be hosted on your community webpage but also in your email marketing campaign, where subscriber to lead conversation rates increase 51% when an apartment video is included. Show My Property TV produced this testimonial-driven vid…Read More