1. Mobile Marketing is for Apartment Marketing

    Print marketing is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Branded content and content marketing is quickly emerging as the more effective way to communicate with your audience, especially regarding apartment marketing. Leasing an apartment is not like trying to sell a product. Marketing and selling a physical space, especially one that people are going to live in, means that enticing them visually …Read More

  2. Update your techniques with apartment video tours.

    While every photo is said to speak a thousand words, what can you expect a one-minute video to say?  What would a 5-minute video say?  Using apartment video tours is a great way to say everything you can and want to say about the property you are looking to lease.  Give the full info without wasting the time of your potential lessor or yourself.  Log on today to get a free quote or start the p…Read More

  3. Apartment Video Tours Build Trust

    RealEstate.com listed the top 3 marketing tactics for realtors in 2013. Topping that list: VIDEO. An apartment video tour is 53 times more likely to generate a first page Google ranking. Leasing an apartment is different than selling a product or service. Marketing and selling a physical space, especially one that people are going to live in, means that enticing them visually is of the utmost impo…Read More

  4. Use apartment video tours to free up your life!

    Are you tired of running all over town showing apartments to people who probably won't even sign the lease?  Do you want to free up more of your time to do the things that need to be taken care of right now?  Then give yourself back that time by investing in apartment video tours.  ShowMyProperty.tv has the opportunity you've been looking for to get back that time and save yourself a great deal…Read More

  5. 5 More Reasons You Need an Apartment Video

    Video has become the most effective way to turn leads into conversions, to turn potential clients into new residents. Show My Property TV excels in providing top-notch apartment videos. But you might still be asking yourself, why? Here are our top 5 reasons why we know and apartment video is a lucrative marketing move and you NEED one now: 1. A tight budget doesn’t mean a lower quality product.…Read More

  6. Apartment video tours for your use as you like!

    For all of your apartment video tours, call ShowMyProperty.tv.  We offer you high quality products that are yours to use as you like.  Post them on your personal website or list them on craigslist to show off your property in its best light and get your spaces leased today!…Read More

  7. Apartment Video Worth 1.8 Million Words!

    Having an apartment video marketing your property means that it can not only be viewed on a computer, but by any person with a smartphone or tablet, which is just about everybody. Mobile devices make attracting clients even easier. Mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, compact laptops – you name it people are picking it up and using it to watch video. And, remember that YouTube is the number two…Read More

  8. Fill your lease with apartment video tours.

    Are you tired of wasting valuable marketing dollars on failed ads that don't get the reception they need?  ShowMyProperty.tv is here to offer you high quality apartment video tours to help you get your leases filled quickly and affordably.  Log on to view our full list of package options and request a free quote!…Read More

  9. Best Apartment Video Marketing Strategies

    Apartment video is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing components of property marketing and still properties struggle to develop a clear video marketing campaign that will have measurable impact on their leases. Here at Show My Property TV we have experienced producers working with you to effectively communicate the context of your goals and help guide your through the new components of ap…Read More

  10. Stand out with apartment video tours.

    If you are looking for a way to put your apartment listing ahead of the others, look to ShowMyProperty.tv and let us help give you a leg up!  Apartment video tours are an incredible way to show off the true atmosphere of your listing while improving your marketing versatility without breaking your budget.  Log on to learn more about what we have done in the past and send us an email to get video…Read More