Perhaps the most important sector to use video is Student Housing. We created a video that really speaks to students, because it uses real students to talk about the student housing property. This video had 1000 views in one month, now that is effective. It has an MTV Style and it speaks student.

Campus Circle



older-style-dorm-in-tallahassee         check-out-this-ultra-cool-property-in-nebraska      


this-is-a-brand-new-property-we-filmed-before-opening         this-is-a-brand-new-property-we-filmed-before-opening

When it comes to marketing to students there is only one certain: Students LOVE Video.

They watch it, they send it, they make it, they live it.

One of the biggest decisions millions of Students make each year is: “WHERE DO I LIVE?”The student housing video tour frenzy begins here.

  • How do the rooms work?
  • Is there a bathroom?
  • What do people look like who live there now?
  • Will I fit in?
  • Who does the dishes? 

    All these questions and more are answered with a Student Housing Video Tour.

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