When it comes to marketing to students there is only one certain:

Students LOVE Video.

They watch it, they send it, they make it, they live it.

So when it comes to making that decision on where to live when leaving the confines of home they want to see something, hear something, be told something, watch and experience something.  Students not only wish to know where they will be living but:
How do the rooms work? Is there a bathroom? What do people look like who live there now? Will I fit in? Who does the dishes?

The following videos do just that.

Videos are an incredible marketing tool – we know because these get viewed over 500 times a month!

Show My Property TV Student Tours. Sit back and hit play. You will soon understand why EVERY student property needs this.

Students make decisions based on a different set of values. And that, is where we come in. We create student housing video tours with a difference.

  • Firstly there is a TV Host as a guide, student age of course. Second we interview actual students and staff who live there.
  • We show the local area, property and dining options. Third we answer all the questions that they are too afraid to ask.
  • This is all edited together is a cool and watchable format!

This is a low priced, cost effective marketing tool. Please fill in our contact form to find out how you can get video, fast!

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