We at Show My Property TV create industry leading Apartment Video Tours. Our video tours really set your communities apart from the crowd. Our company may even include TV Hosts in your videos, whom act as on-camera leasing guides to your portfolio.

Many of our video tours receive 500 YouTube Views a week. Translating into incomparable exposure to your target markets.

Each of our video styles are completely customizable to what your company needs. Please, in your own time take a look at our videos and think about how these look to renters.

Video With TV Host Price for Full Buyout. $3999.
(If you use the video for 5 years, the cost is $66.00 a month)

We SEO optimize each of your videos to your specifications.

Video With TV Host In Rockwall Texas. Price for Full Buyout. $3999.

“Try putting Rockwall Commons Apartments into Google”!

We have a “Pay Once Own Forever”, price option. Want to pay monthly? You can do that too!

Voice-over Only Video Tour
This style of video is an incredible marketing tool for every property. These tours are getting hundreds of views monthly. Don’t you want to join in on this incredible marketing action?
$2900 to buy once and own forever.

Gateway At Summerset Video Tour- Pennrose from Apartment Video Tours. on Vimeo.

Case Study.

Why you must push video on Craigslist? This property in Ohio posts the video link daily into Craigslist. This video has seen 95.5% of video views through Craigslist. Craigslist + Video = Success! This shows the last 18 months of the videos life. See their simple craigslist post here.





This chart shows a client who keeps their video on their homepage. They are recieving over 77% of views from their homepage. Take a look at how they do this www.cambridgeatcollegestation.com


The results speak for themselves. We keep video easy and affordable. We will always price match. We do not put a time limit on videos and we have the highest production values in MultiFamily. Please take your time to look into our videos and remember we can create any video anywhere and just love to take our clients ideas forward.

Thank you Robert and I look forward to talking again next Friday.