Video Tour with British TV Host. Luxury Townhomes. Columbus, Ohio

A high-end property in New Albany in one of the best schools district. Local area and the school district was key to selling leases here. The PM uses the video on the website, facebook and links to craigslist ads every time a vacancy is looming.


Apartment Video Tour with TV Host. Luxury Apartment Building. Dallas, Texas

Amenities, amenities. amenities! This property has fantastic and almost endless amenities. See how Show My Property recognizes and highlights this. The PM uses the video in craigslist ads, they had a 31 views on the first day.


Video Apartment Tour with Voiceover only. Fresno, California.

This apartment needed help with Marketing. They did not want to use a Host – they choose voiceover. This video has helped maximize their apartment marketing. It works 24 hours a day!


Video with TV Host and Spanish Subtitles! Irving, Texas.

Don’t leave anyone out when spending marketing dollars. This video shows an apartment in English and Spanish!


A cool Loft Apartment Video with TV Host: Downtown LA, CA

A failing apartment in LA, half empty. The video showed the artistic lifestyle and interesting vibe on offer. It spoke to the audience. The building is now full.


Apartment Community Video: Orange, CA

Larger Apartment Block in Orange, CA. We used one of our Hosts with a British accent. We really focused on the area and hard working staff.