When the property level staff makes a suggestion—listen. These individuals know your communities inside and out. They know what is a waste of money, what doesn’t work, what has to go—but more importantly, they know what should have happened years ago, what needs to happen today, and how to take advantage of fresh ideas in the future.

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For those new to video marketing, creating and featuring a video tour on a YouTube channel is the end of the road. To managers and leasing agents in the know, a myriad of leasing potential has opened. First the video is posted to all the current social media outlets (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc), then it’s posted to the hottest blogs in the local area, links to the videos are included in all of the print ads, these individuals even make DVD copies of the marketing videos to disperse at malls, local events, parties, even the dream tenants mail box.

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If you went Show My Property—your dispersed videos just got a lot of leases signed. All of this and more can happen in less than a business week. So who should get the credit for stimulating thousands prospective residents worldwide? You, the new intern, or the property next door?

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