1. We understand small business and it’s challenges. You are sick of wasted advertising dollars, ad words that never add to your sales and broken promises.  Right?

2. Well we are a small business too. We know your schedules. We know you want more sales, but don’t ever have the time to implement that new strategy or hire that marketing person. Right?

3. You want an incredible marketing video that sits on your website and talks to new leads! Well…. just hand it to us.

First you are assigned one person to manage your video.

1. They will find out EVERYTHING about your business, your clients, pricing, how you are better than the competition. Where you sell, how your product and service works. EVERY. LAST. THING.

2. Our incredible script writing team will turn this into a stellar, well worded script straight out of Hollywood. We will use jargon your customers do, we will use the correct terminology for your industry.

3. Next we send you a selection of TV Hosts that could front your video. You choose them! Who do YOU think represents your business best?

4. Once the style, features, highlights, and the TV Host are agreed on, the script and shot lists are prepared. The Show My Company Team usually take one day to shoot- and we are in EVERY city and charge no travel fees.  Perhaps we will be shooting at your HQ, perhaps we will follow you on your biggest job – the options are unlimited, but we will guide you every step of the way.

5. We shoot, you score! Once we have edited the video we show it to you on a secret link. You can request as many changes as you wish, and then, hey presto we can have it on your webpage in just a few days! Watch those sales start to skyrocket, as possible customers land on your web page and understand your message!

This is an opportunity to go beyond passive one-dimensional images on the internet and brochure-style presentation. “Show My Company TV” is all about the active experience of seeing and feeling the facilities and the ambiance – and all from the comfort of your client’s home or office.