We make video marketing easy for you! Hand the entire project over to us or be involved every step of the way. We tailor our work flow to involve you as much or as little as YOU like.

5 Steps to getting an apartment video tour that FILLS buildings. 

1. Script

Our writing team comes up with the script after in depth conversations with the Property Manager and Marketing Team. We revise again and again until we have a perfect written representation of the property and local areas.


2. Picking the TV Host

What kind of property is it? Who is the demographic? What kind of resident do you usually attract? Would a male or female be a better fit. After some serious profiling we send you various TV Hosts to choose from. We advise you to pick one that speaks to your audience. You have final say, of course.


3. Lights, Camera, Action!

On the shoot date: We arrive at the community with TV Host, crew, script, cameras, light and other technical gadgetry needed. We shoot EVERYTHING from all angles. We are quiet, keep out of the way and work quickly. We need a set of keys to communal areas and access to the model apartment. All we ask in return is a cup of coffee or two.


4. Video Editing

The footage comes back to Show My Property Headquarters in California. We pick music and creatively edit the footage into an apartment video, we make any changes you desire and send you the video in a variety of formats.

5. Market That Video!

Once the video is produced, you have successfully added more than a splash of color to your marketing. You WILL lease more units and everyone’s job is easier. The apartments and surrounding area are suddenly memorable.The video belongs to you! Add it to Facebook, put a link in craigslist adds, home page, youtube, forrent.com . In fact, we will help you do that. 

Contact us for pricing to get your apartment marketing up to speed.