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Multifamily Video Tour with TV Host style

As our client’s fully and completely own each of their videos, we say post the finished products everywhere! Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp, ForRent, Email. Etc. There are literally millions of ways to use your marketing videos to your advantage. With no additional fees, or hidden fees, you may simply pay 50% of your fee as a deposit to begin, the other 50% is paid upon complete satisfaction with videos.

Working with us you always receive the following complimentary benefits for each video:

Real- Time Video Analytics detailing: Viewer location, Age, Gender, Amount of video viewed, Device video viewed on (such as Mobile Phone, Computers, Tablets, even Gaming Consoles), Operating System videos viewed on (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android), Top Playback locations (Property Homepage, Apartment Association pages, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and Quantity of “Shares” per video (when one prospective resident sends your video to another).

All analytic materials may be broken down by day, week, month, year, lifetime, for strategizing purposes.

Search Engine Optimization:

We will work together with your national and regional Marketing Staffs to best understand which Key Words to use when optimizing each video for the web. Due to this service—prospective residents searching for apartments in your markets will find the appropriate video tours of your properties! Search Engine Optimization also pushes your competitors far down in Google search results, allowing your market to rent the right way. The Greystar way.

Through Resident’s Eyes video style

Uses REAL residents, never actors. We tie together testimonials, with video footage of each amenity and surrounding area!

Watch our Through Resident’s Eyes video style in Tallahassee!

The above tour received 600 views in the first week online. This is the perfect lease-up strategy!

Video Marketing Training– As you own these videos, and each video is hosted on YouTube, the potential for marketing success is greatly increased.  These videos may be posted almost anywhere on the web! We are always available to communicate to your staff, from board member, to leasing agent, on what is possible with each video. This may be done via web conference, phone, or even in person! It’s completely up to you!

Voice-Over Only video style

This is great for smaller, less amenity filled communities.

Tangible DVD copies:

Now you can hand your apartment video tours out to anyone in the neighborhood. As each of your video tours arrives in a full HD package, future residents are going to love walking away with a taste of each community. With DVDs prospective residents can learn everything about the Greystar apartment home of their dreams whenever they like. No more waiting for no-shows at the property. Our video tours are 24/7 leasing magnets, DVDs of your video tours allow the busy rental market a chance to fall in love with your portfolio after a hard day’s work.

Resident Interviews/Testimonials:

Reviews can be harsh. With so many outlets for the disgruntled to vent anger on the web, Property Managers have a right to defend themselves with positivity. In each of our videos we give clients the option to include Resident Interviews from their most satisfied residents. We even have video styles that are unscripted, comprised entirely of these eye opening testimonials.

Through Resident’s Eyes in Austin, Texas!

Show My Property TV aims to build upon our reputation as the most effective, and creative, video marketing in the real estate industry by forming a collaborative effort with Greystar.

Our company is used to providing video tours which fill beds, enhance overall web presence, and garner market control. Keep us in mind this budget season. We are willing and capable of producing video marketing products which reflect the beauty of the portfolio, and also act as a marketing platform your company can be proud of for years to come.

Thank you,

The Show My Property Team


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