Here are examples of the videos we can create for you and your company:

Voice Over Video Tour – $3500

TV Host Video Tour – $4999

Testimonial/Staff Video Tour – $5500

TV Host and Staff Lead Interview Video Tour – $5999

The process is VERY easy:

  • Payment: Pay 50% deposit to confirm video
  • Analysis: One of our in-house Producers will be assigned to you, they will analyse your website and gather all of the information from your site about you and your business
  • Scripting call: this means your Producer will need to speak with one person for 30 minutes just to ensure we have all of the correct information about your company
  • Script write: your Producer will write the script for you and then send it to you to ensure you are perfectly happy with it, if you are not – we will edit it as many times as it takes until you approve
  • Schedule: you tell us the day that you want us to come and film, it will only take one working day. Make sure you have your interviewee’s lined up.
  • Edit: we will edit your video for you and then send it to you for approval – you are allowed 3 rounds of edits.
  • Marketing: we will embed it on your website and any other marketing resources you use, for you
  • Payment: Pay the final 50%.

All we need you to do:

  • Schedule in a call time to speak to the Producer
  • Choose who you want to be interviewed – we can even recommend this
  • Pick the day that best suits you for filming
  • That’s it!