Show My Property Tv video tours not only look great, but they have become the most effective way to market student housing. The results our clients see is astonishing. Just check out our video tour of Cambridge in College Station (view below)!
Here are the stats:

Top demographics for viewers are Females 13- 17 years old, Males 13-17 years old, Males 45-54 years old, and Females 45- 54 years old. Not only are students using our videos to decide where to live, but parents are actively viewing our work and thus actively signing leases.

From January 12, 2013 through February 10, 2013, this video experienced a large 299 views. How much energy would it take to tour your models 299 times in one month? Don’t answer that question; let our videos show your property for you.

7.4% of all views of this video have been on mobile devices. Your market can now learn all about your property wherever their cell phone is. Students aren’t going to just watch your video tour once. They are going to take the tour with them wherever they go, brag to their friends, “Hey look where I’m going to live next year, pretty cool right?”, and cultivate within themselves that “I’ve got to live here.” feeling that we want your market to have.

No other marketing strategy has more bang for it’s buck like a Show My Property student housing video tour. Call us today to find out how you too can get in on this student housing marketing genius.