Show My Property TV works to most effectively showcase your property through apartment videos. We want to see the maximum ROI on your marketing investment in a video, along with filling those units, and we utilize a combination knowledge of video, visuals, and…very good marketing tactics. Here is how we approach your apartment videos:

We help define your apartment marketing goals. What do you want your apartment video to do? To drive traffic to your landing page? To showcase an apartment community? To try and rent out a party space? There are numerous different reasons for creating apartment videos, but each objective should have the desired outcome that you establish beforehand. Determining which objective fits your property’s needs allows us to craft a compelling video around that goal.

We write with your audience in mind. Marketing is the process of communicating the value and comfort of your property to a specific audience. And while you always want to market to everybody for leasing, we know that different communities have different themes and locales specific to their location. Are you a super pet friendly community? Are you specifically student housing? We learn all about your apartment community and craft apartment videos with that in mind.

We help with SEO and keyword optimization to ensure that your video is distributed with maximum ROI in mind. Other apartment video production companies do not provide this service, and we pride ourselves in being able to give you quality marketing advice to enhance the longevity of your apartment video.

Finally, we construct a detailed shot list and production brief. Your shot list is a summary of how we will execute the agreed upon idea. The shot list we create will include each of these details to allow you to think through your new apartment video in a logical sense. Simply put, we are prepared to be prepared, and we have thought of everything so you don’t have to!

In conclusion, with Show My Property TV, you will stand out in the apartment industry. While we help you with SEO to fully optimize your apartment video’s life on the web, we start by creating an engaging story with a professional TV host. Therefore, audiences will spend longer watching your content, which means they will spend more time interacting with you and your property. Fill out the form to the right so we can get your apartment video started today.