Apartment Video Tours, everyone has their take on them. A great deal of marketing professionals are embracing video marketing strategies, though many are being left behind, and are becoming invisible. Some Apartment Owners and Managers come up with every excuse in the book to delay the creation of the most vital marketing to your company’s portfolio: Video. Our team at Show My Property TV were not surprised that Patrick Grandinetti, Google’s Chief of Real Estate, recently spoke on the power of video tours as a marketing strategy.

According to Patrick, out of the total renters searching Google for ‘Real Estate Video’, 86% want to find video covering details on a specific property. This is important to recognize, as many believe that a corporate video is enough to satiate the video hungry renters of 2014. It simply isn’t—every property needs its own apartment video tour, highlighting every amenity area, each floor plan, and the surrounding locale. Each Show My Property TV property tour receives upwards of 1,000 plays each week! Perhaps that is due to Patrick’s second statistic; 70% of ‘Real Estate Video’ Searchers want to compare Apartment Video Tours to each other.
Video tours are a great marketing product, but it also shows the rental community, and your prospective residents, that you care about your property, and want your new residents to have all the information on the table. Show My Property TV often creates videos that highlight the Resident Experience! Grandinetti also goes on to state that 30% of ‘Real Estate Video’ Searchers, want to hear from tenants who live at the property. Click below to watch our “Through Resident’s Eye’s Video”. Let your resident’s do the talking, Let your videos do the leasing.