Apartment videos are able to build your company’s brand in a way that text cannot. They display tone, color, and visual branding. Even the music included in your video further brands your company and its style, making you stand out from all of your competitors.

Just in that paragraph above we’ve touched on two very important aspects of apartment marketing: branding and competition. Now, even though apartment video and online video marketing are on the rise, most apartment communities are still a little hesitant about taking the plunge, which means you have an advantage, because you can get started now and stay ahead of the game. To do this, and to brand effectively, you’ll need an apartment video. We work with your current branding to establish the right audience and consequential tone of your apartment video script. Story is everything, and can only serve to enhance your existing, specifically designed, branding.

Once you have your branding in place, Show My Property TV works together with a team of highly skilled crew to produce, write, market as well as create an image with a lasting effect, all ensuring that your listings get more attention than ever. So, while not only do we take into account the brand of your community and work to incorporate that into the apartment video visually, we ensure that the story is engaging and properly written to suit every aspect of your branding details, needs and goals (not to mention your target audience). Great content and beautiful visuals go a long way, and we know how to mix the two perfectly. To see how, enter your information in the form to the right to receive a free assessment of what we can do with a apartment videos for your properties.

Here is one of our most recent apartment videos for a beautiful waterfront property in Hawaii: