% of consumers would actually prefer to watch a video to help them make up their mind.

Show My Property TV produces video with real content. We send in a TV Host and make you look like you have been on a TV Travel Show. We showcase your beautiful hotel, venue or resort in full HD, we create well-crafted videos with strong visual and emotional impact to hook the viewer into making that reservation!

Our recently produced hotel video for Holiday Inn Rosslyn at Key Bridge showcases one of Holiday Inn’s premier properties as well as their ballroom, which can accommodate up to 400 patrons with customizable reception sites to fit any size wedding:

Simply put, media influences the way a viewer thinks and reacts, and consumers are looking for informative videos to help make purchase decisions.

In an industry that offers a service such as yours it is more likely that a potential client/viewer will gain your trust if they can see the space in which they are looking into reserving!

hotel video of this sort will not only further demonstrate your expertise in your field but also enhance that personal connection and credibility. Videos allow you to go beyond text and add tone, personality and character to the information you’re providing. The host element we offer in our service videos allows your company to look as if it has been featured on a TV show, once again furthering your credibility and professionalism.

Our host traveled to this beautiful vacation home in this video, which helped boost the property’s popularity for the summer leasing season:

Being able to see the space in which you are marketing is key in gaining the interest and trust of potential clients for future reservations. Video is the most effective way to show that!

For many more examples of hotel and other venue marketing videos, check out more of our examples here.