Apartment videos are highly engaging. Apartment videos capture a viewers attention, pulls them in, and takes some of the load off their shoulders of having to read through a property’s website to figure out what you’re all about. Think of it as the leasing agent that works 24/7 for you at maximum engagement! Recent research has proven online video marketing is advancing quickly not only in popularity, but effectiveness.

Having an online apartment video marketing that new property for you means that it can not only be viewed on a computer, but by any person with a smartphone or tablet, which is just about everybody. Mobile devices make attracting clients even easier. Mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, compact laptops – you name it people are picking it up and using it to watch video. And, remember that YouTube is the number two search engine in the world, leading us to believe that consumers just don’t want to read anymore, they want to watch a video, your apartment video.


n average, people spent 7.5 hours watching online video each month in 2013. If you don’t already have an apartment video, you are missing out on great marketing potential.

We also understand that your audience is a bit attention-deficit. Apartment videos have the most effect because they show, not just tell. Video is gaining popularity because it is the best way to convey a lot of information quickly, and in a way where the viewer doesn’t have to do as much work. This is particularly beneficial for apartment video, as our apartment videos better assist in being able to display the physical space as well as having our host showcase your property in full HD!

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