Apartment videos can be a great tool to connect with clients and potential residents. You can pack a lot into a sixty-second iPhone video, but does that mean that it is a quality sixty-seconds. You need to stimulate and engage your audience. More than just showing off the space, you need to pick a theme and focus on the features within the apartment. A well-written and engaging script can make all the difference in apartment videos. That is what we do here at Show My Property TV.

Relating to and connecting with your potential residents takes a lot, and it takes more than simply text in an ad or website. Apartment videos demonstrate the expertise required to connect with that audience. You are speaking directly to them and essentially inviting them into the property’s space to take a tour. This is more personal as well as more effective. Apartment videos capture a viewers attention, pulls them in, and takes some of the load off their shoulders of having to read through a property’s website to figure out what you’re all about. Think of it as the leasing agent that works 24/7 for you at maximum engagement! Recent research has proven online video marketing is advancing quickly not only in popularity, but effectiveness.

For example, we know that apartment videos turn leads into leases, so connecting with your future residents definitely pays off. One marketer reported a 51% increase in subscriber-to-lead conversion rates when video was included in an email marketing campaign, which leads us to believe that it can work about the same for an apartment video. So, it only makes sense to utilize this tool. If you aren’t currently, you are losing business to other communities who do.

For more on how Show My Property TV can help your leasing efforts, visit us here and check out some more of our examples!