A Show My Property Apartment Video Tour with TV Host on your property’s webpage is a sure game-changer.
With a client- list consisting of industry leading property management companies, it’s plain to see the face of apartment marketing moving in a very Video-centric direction.

1. Visit Show My Property TV’s website. No matter what type of community you are marketing, you will find thought provoking information that is relevant to you. View examples of what NMS Properties calls, “The only marketing we need on the web”.

2. Pick your market! Our national company has TV Hosts in each state, that act as on-camera leasing guides to your communities every amenity! Whether you’re looking to entice young professionals, parents, students, or seniors, you pick the host that speaks to your potential residents.

3. Show My Property TV is all inclusive. Pay your one time deposit, and your script will begin being written. Clients receive unlimited revisions on all scripts.

4. Pick a shoot date when your property looks it’s finest and our video crew is on the scene! Spring and Summer are usually the best time to film your apartment video tours. Show off those beautiful new flowers basking in the sun!
Client’s receive a first draft edit of their comprehensive apartment video tours just three days after shooting! Talk about streamlined marketing strategies..

5. Upon client satisfaction with their videos, we upload your video to all the most popular social media websites, including craigslist. Saving you time and energy. Of course we send you a digital copy of your video, in addition to a tangible copy that we will promptly mail to you.

6. Working with Show My Property TV is a total breeze. Sit back, and watch your website be transformed in a matter of days. Many of these apartment video tours with TV Hosts receive 500 YouTube views monthly! Translating into decreased vacancy, and a web presence you will love for years!

Show My Property TV never charges any sort of hidden fees, nor any Hosting fees for your video. Upon payment, your videos are yours forever, post them everywhere!
Follow these steps and experience the luxury of your own 24/7 magnet to your properties!
Show My Property Video Tours Sell Leases, Enhance Websites, and Increase occupancy!