Analytics and SEO tools are crucial in the online world, and since online videos are 50 times for likely to receive a first page Google ranking, it is easy to see how beneficial apartment videos can be in your marketing campaign.

Apartment videos have the potential to attract a viewer much quicker than a text ad or verbal sales pitch would. Recent studies have shown that the average adult attention span is actually shrinking, estimating that it is now around eight seconds. Therefore, you need an apartment video that will grab your viewer’s attention in the fastest way possible. We know how to do that, and here are three different types of apartment videos we offer (among many more)!

1. Multi-Family Housing

Instead of following a coherent narrative through the property and highlighting what it is actually like to live in the community, most videos regurgitate word-for-word what has been listed on the website. While an apartment tour video of any kind can enhance listings (60 seconds of video is worth 1.8 million words!), we here at Show My Property TV believe in getting the most bang for your buck in your apartment video efforts.

2. Student Housing Communities

Peace of mind is everything for parents when sending their children off to college. They want to know what the campus looks like, where all their classes are, who they will be living with, but most importantly how safe they will be after they’ve flown the nest. One of the most effective ways for parents to  be able to have piece of mind regarding their children’s accommodations while away at school is to provide them with a student housing video tour!

3. Hotels

Just like an apartment, clients are going to want to see the space in which they will be staying, even for a shot amount of time. Pictures will sometimes do the job, but nowhere near as effectively as a video would; remember, 60 seconds of video is worth 1.8 million words. Wow, still impressive. Have one of our hosts showcase your hotel in all its luxury and elegance.