1. Apartment Video Tours; Your Dream Property On The Web

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  2. Apartment Video Tours Create Prospect Conversions and Full Apartments

    Apartment Video Tours turn more prospective residents into conversions than any other apartment marketing strategy on the web. Show My Property TV makes it easier than ever to market each property through video, no matter where you're located-- we're national! Data from the Online Publishers Association state that as of 2013-- 80% of internet users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days…Read More

  3. Apartment Virtual Tours: Biggest Game- Changer in Apartment Marketing

    There’s nothing virtual about the influence that apartment virtual tours have on renters. Your rental market is directly influenced by the presentation of information on each property’s website. Conventional marketing formats are becoming less and less viable as time moves forward. In order to stay relevant, lease stimulating apartment videos are a necessity to success. Those companies who reb…Read More

  4. Apartment Video Tours Speak Louder Than Words, or Pictures!

    It’s no secret that Apartment Video Tours are the most highly sought after item on many apartment budgets this year, and for good reason! If a picture is worth a million words, how many does it take to fill an apartment? Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research has published data stating that one video is actually worth 1.8 million words! It’s time to cut the fat from your web presence! By usi…Read More

  5. Apartment Virtual Tours, Your Gateway To Page One In Google Searches!

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  6. Google’s Chief of Real Estate on Apartment Video Tours

    Apartment Video Tours, everyone has their take on them. A great deal of marketing professionals are embracing video marketing strategies, though many are being left behind, and are becoming invisible. Some Apartment Owners and Managers come up with every excuse in the book to delay the creation of the most vital marketing to your company’s portfolio: Video. Our team at Show My Property TV were n…Read More

  7. Apartment Video Tours are the 24-hour Leasing Agent you WISH you had!

    According to fresh research from Asset Campus Housing —out of the 21 leases signed through a single promotional email, 45 percent of students signed between 12 A.M. and 3 A.M! This thought provoking data is stimulating marketing staffs everywhere to think of new and exciting ways to lease-up far after closing time. If you, like many others, need to simply and effectively appeal to the tech- savv…Read More