1. Apartment Marketing To Stay Ahead Of The Game

    Technology is making the world a very large and very small place all at the same time.  It is now possible to chat in real time with someone on the other side of the world and download entire movies and games in a matter or minutes or seconds.  Given these advancements, why should marketing your property stay in the Stone Age?  It shouldn’t and there is an easy solution to this problem!  Apa…Read More

  2. Take Your Showings To The Next Level With Apartment Video Tours

    Free up your time and expense account with apartment video tours.  You can post them wherever you determine will find the most traffic and it won’t cost you any more than the production of the video.  Give the best impression of your property that hits every target market you desire to see it.  What’s more, we showcase the community as well as the apartment itself.  Show the potential resi…Read More

  3. Apartment Video Tours: 6 Easy Steps To Revitalize Your Websites!

    A Show My Property Apartment Video Tour with TV Host on your property's webpage is a sure game-changer. With a client- list consisting of industry leading property management companies, it's plain to see the face of apartment marketing moving in a very Video-centric direction. 1. Visit Show My Property TV's website. No matter what type of community you are marketing, you will find thought provokin…Read More

  4. Video Tours Enhance Your Entire Portfolio

    Because you invested millions. Because your property is new. Because your website needs a quick refresher. Allow me to introduce what NMS properties say is "The only Marketing we need on the Web!" Show My Property TV is the go-to company for apartment video tours world-wide. Whether Multi-Family, Single-family, Student, Senior, or Military housing, we've got your back. Let us build a brand around …Read More

  5. When time doesn't allow for day trips, create virtual tours to take the property to the clients!

    Today's society is filled with people who have too much to do.  And what's worse, none of us have the time to do it!  We have to work and buy groceries and get our oil changed and pick up the kids and take them to this or that and so much more.  When it comes to finding a new place to live, no one has the time to add in driving all over town looking at new apartments.  At ShowMyProperty.tv, we…Read More

  6. Apartment Video Tours To Save Time And Money

    If you are looking for ease and convenience, your search can stop here!  Apartment video tours are the best way to show off your property in its best light without spending your entire budget and needing to demand more money to continue your marketing plans.  With these incredible videos, you can pay once and use it forever!  This is the most effective way to fill your leases.  You no longer h…Read More

  7. Endless Potential With Apartment Marketing

    Video apartment marketing is, without a doubt, the best way to show off your property.  You pay once to have the video created and you have the rights to use it forever!  There couldn't be a better way to get the most for your dollar!  You own the video and market it anywhere.  Our clients have gained thousands of views every year, selling more leases and filling units faster.  …Read More

  8. Simple And Easy–Create Virtual Tours

    It may shock you to realize how simple and easy it is to create virtual tours.  With our incredible program, we can help show your property and get the lease signed as soon as possible!  Whether you want to market an apartment or student housing, we are here to show you exactly how easy it is!  We excel at what we do and that just makes it easier for you!  Check out our website to see exactly …Read More

  9. Apartment Video Tours To Stay In The Game

    It may sound unconventional, but apartment video tours are the wave of the future.  In today's modern world, people are busier than ever and taking an entire day to go apartment shopping isn't as conceivable as it once was.  Very few people have the luxury to take that much time off work or away from social engagements and family or friend functions.  So they log online and find the easiest and…Read More

  10. Now is the time for student housing video marketing!

    According to the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of Business to Consumer marketing strategies are implementing video in 2013. Student housing marketing is no exception to this growing trend. In this increasingly visual industry, you must ask yourself if your web presence is up to par with your competitors. Maybe your property has just gone through renovations, does your market know? Show My Prope…Read More